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Winter Solstice - 6 Hour Yin Journey

Winer solstice header.jpg

The Winter Solstice is the shortest day of our planets cycle, It is the day in which we experience the longest period of darkness, the most Yin day of the cycle.
Darkness is an inevitable & essential part of our dualistic human experience, without it there is no light. 
Without the unknown, there is no known.

Winter requires us to become inherently introverted & introspective.
It requires us to be patient, silent & still. 
Nature follows this pattern & as such it is our nature to follow this pattern.
In winter the plant & animal kingdoms stop, flowers do not bloom, trees lay bare & animals hibernate.

We are being asked to slow down & throughout this time for darkness we have the opportunity to turn toward our inner light to carry us through.
Fuelling ourselves from that inner warmth, the light of our essence that is always there.
It might mean nurturing the seeds of intention for spring or coming back into alignment with our authentic nature.

This special winter Yin Journey is a gathering of Berwick's conscious community, a yearly opportunity to harmonise with the rhythms of nature, together.

Jai Berwick!
Om Namah Shivaya!