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6 Hour Yin Yoga & Sound Journey (St Kilda)

Join us for a full-power heart journey, in which we will turn inward & rest in the stillness of the heart space. An exploration of the limitless potential that exists within the inner landscapes of your being.

This unique immersion will take you inward & beyond on a journey back to your essence.

You will learn & feel the power & strength that lies in vulnerability, surrender & trust.

You will leave with a felt experience of the healing power of Yin Yoga & a completely new take on the practice itself.

In a typical Yin Yoga class setting it is common to explore shapes for anywhere up to 5-7 minutes. This is a substantial amount of time, however it somewhat limits the effects of the practice.

During this journey, we will be exploring these shapes for much longer periods of time, setting ourselves up for deeper releases & bigger shifts.

This journey truly allows each practitioner to explore & discover new spaces within their physical bodies & minds in a safe, supportive environment.

If you have experienced the calmness felt after a Yin Yoga class before, get ready to take that to the next level!

Who is this journey for?
Anybody willing to experience something new & create a sense of balance. There is great strength found in surrender.

Are you ready to explore the depths of your being?
Are you ready to dive below the surface, beyond the constant external stimulation & tap into your limitless potential?
Do you find it hard to navigate your internal space, the place that’s full of thoughts, feelings & emotions?
It’s not something they teach in schools, but regardless of how hard it seems, we all have access to a clearer vision.
It takes space...
Lots of space...
Time spent in stillness, exploring & feeling.
This is the Yin practice.
A safe space to explore what lies beyond our outer experience & peer into our inner world.
A space to explore the deeper, denser tissues of our physical body & release tension from the source.

On May 11, Aaron Petty will guide a lucky group of 20 explorers on a journey home. A journey back to your most essential nature. This six-hour immersion will lead you to find freedom in stillness through Yin Yoga, meditation, ceremonial cacao & sound.

Save your excuses. Dive in & let go.

The Journey will include:
- Kirtan Chanting
- Sacred cacao ceremony
- Meditation
- Yin & Sound Journey

A word from Aaron:
Currently on my own journey. Long form Yin practices have caused monumental shifts in my perception, deep releases in my physical & emotional bodies along with allowing me to discover the true meaning of balance. I am humbled & beyond excited to share my knowledge & experience with you all! To me, Yin Yoga is the medicine for the modern world, the power it holds & its ability to transform body, mind & spirit is remarkable. I am lucky enough to have the help of two very good friends in leading this journey & I am super excited to share with The Fifth Direction & St Kilda community! If you feel the pull, come & join me for this life-changing experience.

Kirtan lead by Aimee Glucina-Stevens
Yin Yoga lead by Aaron Petty
Sounds by Daniel Cooper