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20 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

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20 Hour Yin Yoga training for teachers and dedicated practitioners

Tools and maps for your yin yoga journey.

A simple practice for everybody.

Medicine for the modern world.

Slow down. Tune in. Let go. Wake up

Join Nik Robson for a transformational journey & educational experience exploring Tantric Yin Yoga.

This immersion is structured as a teacher training, providing tools and maps you can use immediately to deepen your personal practice and share with your community. Ripple effect.

Lectures cover Taoist Yin/Yang Philosophy, History & Lineage of Yin Yoga, foundational principles of Yin Yoga, Yogic energetics of the Prana Vayus, Nadis and Chakras, Anatomy of the myofascial meridian lines, sequencing Yin Yoga with Pranayama and Meditation for personal practice and studio classes along with the arts of effective cueing and holding space.

This weekend consists of:

- 2 Lectures

- 1 Pose breakdown workshop

- 2 x 2hr Masterclasses

- 2 60min Yin practices

- 1 Sequencing workshop

- 1 x 4 hr Yin Journey

- Opening & Closing ceremony

Investment: $555 AUD


Fri 24th: 6-9pm

Sat 25th: 8am-12pm & 2pm-6pm

Sun 26th: 8am-12pm & 2pm-7pm

The whole experience is designed to empower each student to teach from the heart, with the backing of knowledge and experiential wisdom. This is how we create transformation on a mass scale.

We now have a worldwide yin culture community of over 70 teachers, all doing their part to share the medicine of yin yoga with the modern world.

You will receive a Yin Culture training manual and ongoing support with our online community and content.

This is your invitation to join the movement.

About the Teacher:


Nik Robson is a freelance international yoga teacher originally from New Zealand. Nik is a practitioner and teacher of Yin Yoga and Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga. He offers Yin and Hatha Yoga workshops, online Yoga classes, Yin Yoga teacher trainings and live music Yoga events at studios and festivals around the world. 

"My teachings are about harmony, balance and returning to center. The ancient science of Traditional Tantric Hatha Yoga is a means to purify the system, steady the mind, cultivate and direct energy to awaken our dormant potential and connect to spirit. Using Samkhya philosophy and the yogic maps of our inner energetic landscapes we can understand our purpose and evolve to embody our full potential as spiritual beings.

I see yin yoga as medicine for the modern world. There is a reason that yin yoga is the fastest growing style of yoga on the planet. We have become too yang so we must practice yin. It is a simple practice for every body honoring our unique differences and empowering us to listen to our own inner wisdom. Slow down to create space. Tune in to feel. Let go of past, future, fears and attachment to be here now. Wake up to the truth of who you really are."  - Nik Robson