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Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is what most people would imagine when they think of the word “Yoga”

During a typical Vinyasa practice you can expect a wide range of strong, flowing poses intentionally sequenced & paired with Pranayama (Breath) & Meditation for extra potency.

It is the most well rounded of our classes, a great introduction & available to practitioners at any level. 

The aim is to strengthen & heal our bodies in a fluid, dynamic way.

Vinyasa Yoga is a great way to get fit, strong & flexible and this is very appealing to many people… It’s actually the reason i started practising Yoga in the first place.

This being said, this practice is all about strengthening the spine, deepening the breath & connecting to the present moment experience. You will find yourself at a deeper level of concentration each time you practice & this will slowly start to transfer into your every day life!


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Yin Yoga

It’s Medicine for the people.

Space to slow down, turn inwards & explore the inner landscapes of your being.

In a typical Yin class we hold each pose for around 5-7 minutes & allow ample time to re bound from each shape.

The idea is to balance out our typically “Yang” lifestyles by taking the time to stop, soften & feel.

We spend so much of our days being bombarded by external stimulation, directing our awareness outward so often that we end up forgetting/ignoring whats happening inside.

Phones, televisions, people, emails, to-do lists & the constant voice in our heads; its a lot to process.

Yin Yoga has manifested out of the need for our society to slow down, come & find some time for yourself, you wont regret it!

Private Yoga Classes

1 on 1 Is the best way to learn,

No one else to worry about & a complete practice tailored to your individual needs!

Our 1 - 1 service is one of a kind & has stemmed from a deep desire to empower our community to take their Yoga practice home & integrate it into their daily lives.

Yoga shouldn’t be bound to the studio, it is a personal practice for EVERY BODY.

A space to explore feeling, sensation & your own limitless potential.

Once you have a home practice, your entire life will change, you will learn more about yourself on your mat than you will anywhere else.

These experiences often shape the way we live our lives off the mat.

If you’re worrying about how you’ll afford to start Yoga, this is by far the most valuable way to get started.

These sessions will accelerate your journey & allow you the opportunity to lead yourself through a practice that serves you anywhere, any time.

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