Hey, I’m Aaron

If you’re here, you want to know some things about me.

 Let me fill you in on why i do what i do & why i love it so much!

My mission here to help you become the most Authentic, Harmonious, Connected version of yourself through Yoga and Meditation.

Two things that are currently shrouded with stigma, It's time for that to end, anyone can practice, i don't care who you are. 

My journey into the world of Wellness started in 2009, I was 16 at the time.

Dad dragged me along to my first Meditation class and i quickly became aware of just how much my unconscious over thinking had been affecting my reality. Since that day I have been fascinated by the practice & it’s many traditions. The ancient masters were onto something quite special, and the best part? We're all quite easily able to integrate these teachings into our daily lives and live mindfully, consciously & calmly in this crazy, crazy world.

Between the ages of 18-22 I went through a series of physical injuries that heavily affected my quality of life (so i thought) Through those 4 years I gained 15 kg's, anxiety and depression along with a very negative outlook on life.

It was at my lowest point that I found Yoga. It felt like i had been reunited with a long lost friend. In the first week of my practice I canned my gym membership and took 10 classes. After the first year i had attended almost 300 individual classes and needed to learn more.

Yoga teacher training was the next logical step, in 2017 i studied for 300 hours under some amazing teachers and have been sharing my knowledge even since.

Since that period i have undertaken studies in various forms of Yoga, I have learnt from world class teachers such as Patrick Beach, Carling Harps & Nik Robson.

I sincerely believe that yoga as a daily practice has the power to positively affect the lives of everyone, not just mums in lycra. 

When i started I couldn't find anything relatable, i wanted to learn but nothing stood out to me. Hence the reason for creating this online platform, my studio & the various events i offer.

If you’re willing to learn, i'm here to bridge the gap.

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